Wall To Wall Inlay Design

Aamerican Flooring Wall To Wall Inlay Design

Aamerican Flooring specializes in creating one-of-a-kind marble inlay surfaces for grand spaces. Using our extensive archive of distinctive designs or your reference as a starting point, we work with you to create statement pieces befitting the personal style and tastes of the client.

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Our Collections

Our collections of waterjet mosaics range from striking geometrics to richly embellished works of decorative inlay. Each collection of ornate marble floor designs is customized to the architecture and the interior design of the unique space. Our team of designers works with you to ensure that our marble inlay, whether for the floor, wall, or ceiling, is in keeping with your interior or exterior project.

An intricately crafted custom marble inlay flooring design is an exquisite decor element that can make your home or property to feel like a timeless work of art. At Aamericaflooring, our team of innovative flooring inlay designers creates distinctive, custom marble mosaics and inlays for homes and businesses. With our refined tastes and thorough understanding of the most elegant materials and old-world, European mosaic designs, we can transform your space while highlighting your unique individuality.

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Wall To Wall Inlay Design
Wall To Wall Inlay Design


A American Flooring is fully licensed to supply our professional expertise and services to the commercial businesses and residential homes in Orange County, California and in surrounding areas. With Aamerican Flooring, you can expect more from us than just superior workmanship, as we apply friendly customer service, exceptional work ethics, and high moral standards on consistent bases. Our technicians are more than qualified to perform any of the services we provide with their advanced training, field experience, and remarkable skills. In addition, we utilize premium quality products and equipment available only to licensed professional to ensure maximum quality in the final result.


When exploring marble flooring inlays, it’s important to find designs that create a distinctive mood throughout the space as well as complement the style and finishes of your home. Every mosaic marble flooring design at Aamerican Flooring Inlay is inspired by traditional and elegant European design and customized to your unique aesthetic.

Every custom marble flooring project starts with an in-depth conversation with our clients where we discuss your design options, our inlay collections and your specific tastes. Our creative designers will then use your floor plan or measurements to develop a rendering with selected color palettes and flooring styles, taking into consideration our existing inlay collections, your current space and other design principles.

Once the initial sketch has been created, our designers will put together a detailed budget for the project, so you feel comfortable with its scope. Our team will then use the initial basic flooring sketches to produce more detailed renderings of the stone inlays with specific marble product samples. Once the floor rendering design is approved, detailed shop drawings are created for your approval. Every piece of stone is then individually cut using advanced waterjet machinery and hand assembled according to your exact specifications by our team of highly skilled craftspeople.

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