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Aamerican Flooring can design rugs with simple borders to complex flowers, logos or graphic designs.

We can install wall to wall or put nonskid backings on for area rugs. We offer free estimates and design consultation. You can offer your own design or we can Design it for you within two days.

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Rug cleaning

You know that constant foot traffic, pet accidents, children, stains and odors can make a once beautiful area rug look shabby and smell unpleasant. While routine vacuuming can get the job done for a short period of time, a deep cleaning is the only thing that can restore your area rug back to its former beauty. If you are seeking solutions to improve the look and cleanliness of your home in California is here to provide the services you need at prices you can afford. Done with your convenience and budget in mind, our discount area rug cleaning service makes it easy to have your home looking and smelling fresher in no time. See how this wonderful service can change your home for the better.

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Your home is as important to us as it is to you. You can always count on American Flooring to finish your area rug cleaning professionally! Our team:

  • Is certified to clean area rugs. Don’t put your faith in amateur methods. Know that the methods being used to clean your area rugs are tailored based on a personal inspection performed by experts.
  • Is committed to your satisfaction. Like friendly neighbors, you can trust our technicians to perform the job with your best interest at heart and to your specifications. They will provide you tips on how to best care for your newly cleaned area rugs, answer questions and respect your home for the duration of the process.
  • Is both licensed to work in and experienced. You don’t want just anyone caring for your area rugs–you want the very best in the business. Our team is handpicked to only feature those with the most experience and knowledge in the field, ensuring that the job will be completed correctly.

  • Will assess your area rugs’ needs before cleaning. Your area rug has a variety of factors to consider, from the material it is made of, whether it was manufactured or handmade, the types and qualities of dyes used to color it, and any spots of notable wear and tear. We make sure that your area rug is cleaned with safe products and that worn spots aren’t made worse by carelessness.
  • Will finish the job on your time. You’re busy, so let us handle the hard work according to your schedule! Flexible scheduling and easy contact by phone or online make appointments for consultations and cleanings a cinch to set up.
  • Trained, licensed technicians. There is no comparison to work done by amateurs and work done by true experts. All of our technicians have received valid licenses and worked on-site for years before ever stepping foot into your home. We stay up to date on all of the most modern techniques to provide you with the best work possible every time.
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